Sesame Crusted Fu with Soy-Agave Sauce




Yield 2 servigs


for the fu

for the coating

for the sauce

to serve


  1. Bring the broth, soy sauce and sesame oil to a small simmer in a saucepan wide enough to submerge and mostly cover the fu. Drop in the fu and allow to soften for about 10 minutes, flipping it over to ensure all sides are saturated.
  2. While you are soaking the fu, combine the cornstarch, sesame seeds and salt in one bowl. Whisk together the Ener-G and water in another bowl.

  3. Fill a small saucepan with a few inches of oil and heat over medium high for about 7 minutes. Test the oil by dropping in a pinch of cornstarch—if it bubbles immediately, you are ready to fry. You can also insert a candy thermometer into the oil—once it registers 350, you are ready to fry.

  4. Working only one piece at a time, pull one piece of fu from the broth and squeeze it gently to remove some of the moisture. Next, dip it into the Ener-G slurry, then coat in the cornstarch mixture, tapping off any extra.

  5. Gently place into the hot oil and fry until barely golden brown, about 4 minutes, flipping it over once or twice to ensure even frying. Remove and place on paper towels to drain. Repeat the process with the other 3 pieces.

  6. It’s important to batter the fu only one piece at a time; otherwise, the batter will start to soak into the fu, and it will become soggy.

  7. Whisk the leftover fu both, soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar and agave together to make the sauce. Serve immediately with sauteed bok choy, broccoli or collard greens.

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