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Two hands holding a piece of garlic confit and mushroom toast.

Garlic Confit

  • Author: erin wysocarski
  • Total Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Yield: 2 1/2 cups
  • Diet: Vegan


This garlic confit is so buttery and versatile! Mash and spread it over toasted sourdough, and drop it into mashed potatoes, pasta, or soups. This keeps for about a week in the refrigerator, but it likely won’t last that long because it’s so delicious!


  • 6 heads of garlic*
  • 6 thyme sprigs
  • 2 cups olive oil


  1. Peel all of the garlic (see suggestions above for suggested methods).
  2. Place the peeled garlic, thyme, and oil into a saucepan. There should be enough oil so all of the garlic is covered.
  3. Simmer over very low-medium heat until the garlic is softened, but not browned, about 2 hours. 
  4. Low and slow will allow the garlic to soften up without burning. While it’s simmering, you want to see a few bubbles form in the saucepan.
  5. It’s done when the garlic mashes easily when touched. Stir occasionally to avoid any burning or sticking on the bottom of the saucepan.
  6. Remove the thyme sprigs and allow to cool.
  7. Transfer the garlic and oil into glass jars. Make sure the garlic is completely covered in the oil.
  8. Store in the refrigerator. Do not store at room temperature to avoid the risk of botulism.
  9. Use within a week.


  1. When choosing garlic, find bulbs with big cloves. They have the most flavor and are the easiest to peel. 
  2. You can also use peeled garlic from the store, just make sure it’s fresh (older garlic tends to dry out.)
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 2 hours
  • Category: Spreads, Condiments
  • Method: Simmered
  • Cuisine: American, French

Keywords: vegan garlic confit